Welcome to Ace Fantasy Tennis!

Ace is a fun and exciting way to play fantasy tennis. Rather than filling out a bracket per tournament or betting on and trading players throughout the season, Ace players compete by predicting which players will do best at each tournament. Simply put, once the draw is released for a tournament, select the 16 players from that tourney you think will do the best, in order of 1 through 16. You’ll receive points based on how well your picks do and how high you ranked them.

The Details

To play Ace, click the Play or Sign In button. If you don’t already have one, you’ll be prompted to create an account via a unique username and password. Keep this - you’ll need it each time you return to the Ace site.

To start playing, visit the Dashboard and check out Upcoming Tournaments, which lists the next few tournaments we’ll play. Picks are open as soon as a tourney’s draw is released, and must be made before a tournament begins. (If you visit Ace in the middle of a tournament, you may have to wait a few days before playing.)

Making Picks:

Once the draw for each eligible tournament is released, players may submit picks in their Dashboard. Simply click on the “Make Picks” button next to the appropriate tournament and you will be taken to the Picks page. Here, you’ll find drop-down lists containing players who are in the tournament, as well as a link to the draw. You’ll pick 16 players for each tournament, with just a few exceptions (the ATP and WTA Tour Finals and the WTA Elite Trophy, which are all at the end of the season and have fewer than 16 players in the entire draw). Submissions typically close an hour or two before main draw play begins. You may edit your picks as many times as you like until submissions have closed.


During tournaments, we’ll update Ace frequently during play, and you’ll be able to see your points totals and compare them to other Ace players. (See more about Leagues a little further down). You may also click on other Ace players’ names to see their profile and their picks. At the end of each tournament, the player with the most points wins. (They win pride and glory and bragging rights more than anything. Right now, Ace does not offer prizes.) We keep track of Standings throughout the season, which means Ace is about more than playing just one tournament: play often and see how you stack up against other excited tennis fans over the course of the tennis season.

Season Overview:

Ace Fantasy Tennis in 2016 will cover both men's and women's tennis, as follows:

ATP – ATP 500, ATP 1000, ATP World Tour Finals, the Olympic Games, Grand Slams

WTA –  Premier, Premier 5, Premier Mandatory, WTA Elite Trophy, WTA Tour Championships, the Olympic Games, Grand Slams

For the season-long Standings, here's a list of how many tournaments per category will be counted per Ace participant in a given year:


  • All 4 Grand Slams
  • The ATP World Tour Championships
  • Your best 7 (out of the 9) ATP 1000 series events
  • Your best 8 (out of the 12) ATP 500 series events


  • All 4 Grand Slams
  • The WTA Tour Championships
  • The WTA Elite Trophy
  • Your best 7 (out of the 9) Premier Mandatory and Premier 5 events
  • Your best 8 (out of the 12) regular Premier events


Like pros on the real-life tennis circuit, Ace players compete against one another during individual tournaments and also throughout the course of the tennis season. This means each Ace tourney will have a winner, with our Standings section showing every participant’s ranking, plus we’ll have a season-long Standings that shows how participants are doing throughout the course of the season. Ace players compete against every other Ace player in the Ace Global League, and those who choose to do so also compete in smaller, sometimes private groups. (See info under Leagues below.)

Ace players earn points based on the professional tennis players (pros) they select and how high they rank each one. The higher you rank a pro (#1 is the highest), the more points you’ll get if that pro does well. If your #1 pick wins a tournament, you’ll get more points than if your #8 pick wins a tournament. This means your top few rankings are much more important than your last few.

During a tournament, points will be added to each Ace player's tally under Current Tournaments based on how many points their picks have earned so far. Once a pro player has advanced to a further round, their previous points earned will be replaced by their new points earned, which will always be greater. For example, if you pick Roger Federer as your #1 pick and he reaches the final at Wimbledon, he will give you 1200 points. If he then wins that final, he will now give you 2000 points, replacing the 1200 points from before. Thus, the total number of points he is giving you by winning Wimbledon is 2000, not 1200+2000.

Concerning byes and walkovers: If one of your picks gets a bye in the first round and then loses their first match, you get 0 points. However, if one of your picks gets through a round due to an opponent's withdrawal, before or during the match, this still counts as a victory and the pro (and you!) shall earn full points for reaching that round.

Take a look at the Points Calculator on the Ace site to find out how many points you’ll earn for various picks. First select the type of tournament, then the number where you’ve ranked a particular pro. Click calculate, and you’ll see the potential points you’ll earn based on what round your pro reaches.

Ace points are based on the actual number of points earned per round by players on the pro circuit. Because this game covers both the men's and women's tours, and we have a Combined Standings section, it is important to standardize points among both tours. Thus all Ace points will be based on the slightly simpler ATP points chart. This means that for the WTA, Premier Mandatory and Premier 5 events are worth the same amount of points, as you can see below.

Men's Category Women's Category W F SF QF R16 R32 R64
Grand Slam Grand Slam 2000 1200 720 360 180 90 45
Tour Finals Tour Finals 500 400 (+200 for each round robin match win
Masters 1000 Premier Mandatory, Premier 5 1000 600 360 180 90 45 25
Olympics Olympics 750 450 340 (bronze) / 270 (4th) 135 70 35
500 Series Premier 500 300 180 90 45
Elite Trophy 195 75 (+60 for each round robin match win)


Once you have joined Ace you will be entered automatically into the Ace Global League. Here you will compete against all other Ace players in the world. If you'd like to compete with a smaller group of players, like your tennis pals from the local club, or your USTA team, or the people in your office, then visit your Dashboard and scroll down to Leagues—or just visit the Leagues tab—and you’ll find a few options.

Click on “Find a League” to look for an open, public league accepting players. Leagues may be based on geographic location, occupation, interest, or just about any other category.

Joining a league costs $5 for the entire season. Some leagues play just the ATP, some play just the WTA, and some play both. The cost to join a league is $5 regardless.

To create your own league, click on “Create a League.” You’ll be prompted to create a League Name; select a geographical location (if you’d like); choose whether to play ATP, WTA, or both; and choose the frequency with which your league will play Ace. Then you may choose whether to allow league members to invite others to play, and whether to keep your league private. Leagues that are not private will be listed publicly on the Ace site, and other Ace players may request to join those leagues.

Creating a league costs $5, which will also cover the cost of the creator to play in that league all season. Please note that this $5 fee is nonrefundable. If no one in the whole world joins your league, the league will still exist.

Once you join a league, the picks you make for tourneys played with that league will be applied automatically as your picks for the Ace Global League. If you would like to make multiple picks for the same tournament, you may create a second league or join a second league. With each additional league you join after the first, you may make a different set of picks. Remember that joining a league other than Ace Global costs $5, always, and is nonrefundable, always.


It's up to you to determine the best strategy for gaining the most points in Ace. Part of the fun of the game is figuring out what strategy suits you best. If you are unfamiliar with many players in the draw, or have not been following the professional tennis tour closely in recent times, then it’s smart to look at the official ATP and WTA rankings as a start. The draws will contain seeded players based on rank, so when in doubt, it's usually a good bet to choose seeds in your list. If you want to dive a little deeper, search the ATP/WTA Rankings and click on the player profiles. There you can see how well that player has been doing recently, which may help give you a clue as to how likely they are to succeed. Ultimately it's pretty darn tough to consistently predict tournament outcomes, regardless of your expertise, so sometimes it may serve you best to just follow a gut feeling. In our experience, playing Ace enhances a love for tennis.


Ace was founded by a couple of tennis fanatics who love watching tennis, playing tennis, talking about tennis, and hanging out with other people who love one or more of those things, too. We set out to create a fun way to play fantasy tennis with our tennis friends, and had so much fun doing it that we built this site to share the fun with the universe. We hope you love playing Ace. If you have comments or suggestions or anything else you’d like to share with us, reach out on Twitter at @acefantennis or email us at acefantasytennis@gmail.com.

Good luck and have fun!